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BlendRF (RF) BLD197862
Caucasian businessman working in empty office
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Caucasian businessman working in empty office

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BLD197862, 55-59 years, access, adversity, aging, anxiety, balding, bankruptcy, beginnings, budget, budget cuts, business, business owner, businessman, cardboard box, caucasian, challenge, change, cold, color image, computer, concept, connection, crate, cutting expenses, day, difficult, difficulty, entrepreneur, floor, frustration, full length, futile, hand truck, hardship, indoors, internet, looking at camera, making do, man, mature adult, mature men, moving, moving in, office, office life, one person, online, packing, people, photography, portrait, poverty, problem, recession, reducing, reducing overhead, risk, scarf, side view, sitting, small business, startup, stress, struggle, technology, tension, transition, vertical, worker, working, worrying, 40", 40-45, 40-50, 40s, 45-50, 50-55, 50-60, 55-60, accessory, action, active, adult, ageing, apparel, arduous, attempting, box, budgeting, business man, businesspeople, cardboard, challenging, chilly, clothes, clothing, color, colour, connecting, connexion, cool, danger, daylight, daytime, decreasing, demanding, destitution, diminishing, economizing, endangering, endeavoring, enterprise, executive, fellow, fifties, fifty, filing, forties, forty, fretting, frustrating, full body, full-length, futility, garment, genesis, gentleman, guy, hairless, hazardous, human, human being, impediment, impoverishment, inception, indoor, inside, issue, jeopardizing, joining, loading, male, maturing, mid life, middle age, middle aged, middle-age, middle-aged, movement, nervous, obstacle, one, origin, packer, perilous, person, personal computer, plight, poor, portraiture, predicament, pressure, receding hairline, reduction, risk-taking, seated, stagnation, start-up, strain, strained, stressful, striving, tense, tribulation, undertaking, uneasy, uptight, useless, western european, work, workplace, world wide web, Caucasian busine..., Kyle Monk,
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